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Monthly Reports

S22 - Wayne - January

In the month of January we decided that we were going to build a new car for the 2017 power drive season.  This new car will be built with two wheels in the front and one in the back, which has never been done with the 22 car.  We plan to have a fully removable body for more convenient access to the internal workings of the car when large repairs or modifications are necessary.  With this new car we are going to try using a brake pedal the can be adjusted for drivers of different height. We plan to use a skid steer type steering system.  We have most of the frame built, and are preparing to start building the body of the car.

S22 - Wayne - February

In the month of February we completed the frame of the vehicle.  We attached the aluminum belly pan to the bottom of the vehicle. The brake hubs and spindles were created on the lathe, and we completed the other steering components as well.  It was a good accomplishment to have the car on the ground and push test the steering. We created the battery cables and installed them to ensure that they fit correctly. We soldered the battery cable ends onto a stock roll of 4 gauge cable.  We have also installed the motor mount. We began working on body support pieces but have no body panels at this time.

S22 - Wayne - March

In the month of March, we got the car on the ground and rolling. We are currently installing brakes and aligning wheels. The team has also soldered the brake light and decided what mode we want to keep it set at for our races. We also re-attached the belly pan after removing it for easier access to the brakes. One of our members welded on our car axles and finished welding our frame completely. Another member put in the button for our radios. The 5-point harness was also attached. We have also fabricated a triangular prism out of foam to use for back support during the race. We have started building up foam so that we can start preparing to build the body of the car. We focused most of our attention on getting the car able to be driven this month.

S22 - Wayne - April 2019

In the month of April, we have competed in two powerdrive rallies. The first rally we competed in was in West Point, Nebraska at Neligh Park. Emily Eilers drove the first 43 minutes of the race. The car was crashed during the last pit window, so we had to sit an extra minute after we completed our pit stop. During said pit stop, we made repairs to the floor pan removed the ballast. Meghan Spahr drive the last twelve minutes of the race. We ended up getting third place and the best pit crew award. The second rally we competed in was in Lincoln, Nebraska at the UNL Tractor Test Lab. Emily Eilers drove the first 32 minutes of this race. During the only pit stop in this race, the ballast was taken out, and Meghan Spahr got in to drive the last 28 minutes of this race. We got second place at this race.

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