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Endurance  600 Possible Points
During this portion of the competition, vehicles are required to run on a track for a period of one hour. Every vehicle is required to make a pit stop between 20 and 40 minutes.  During this time a driver change is allowed.  Total number of completed laps is counted at the end of one hour. The winner of this phase of the competition will be the vehicle that has completed the most laps.  Vehicles can average speeds of over 33 MPH and hit top speeds of over 40 MPH.

race 1fix.JPG  race 2fix.JPG

      race 3fix.JPG   race 4fix.JPG

Braking  100 Possible Points
All vehicles are tested on braking efficiency from cruising speed. From a running start (approximately 15 mph) drivers try to stop the vehicle in as short of a distance as possible.  Speed and braking distance is measured to calculate the braking efficiency of the vehicle.  Each vehicle takes two runs with the average of the two as the final score.  VIDEO

brake 2fix.JPG  brake 1fix.JPG

Maneuverability  100 Possible Points
A slalom course consisting of five (5) cones, spaced 25 feet apart is ran out and back, by each vehicle from a standing start. Teams are competing for the fastest time possible.  Time penalties are applied if a vehicle hits a cone, skips a cone, or if a wheel lifts off of the ground.  Each vehicle takes two runs competing for the fastest average time.  VIDEO

manu 1.JPG    manu 2.JPG

Documentation  300 Possible Points
Each vehicle (team) will also document the entire project. Particular attention is to be given to recording the vehicle's design and construction. We will also submit 4 progress reports on the project. These reports will describe the overall progression and accomplishments to date.

Design and Construction Evaluation  100 Possible Points
Three independent judges will grade each vehicle on:
1. Quality and durability of construction
2. Engineering design principles utilized
3. Effective use of materials
4. Overall road worthiness of the vehicle
5. Creativity in design and construction

Overall Winner
The overall winner will be the team (vehicle) that accumulates the most points from Documentation, Braking, Maneuverability, Design and Construction Evaluation, and Endurance.

Teams are given awards for individual events along with overall results.

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