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 2005 S39

2004-2005 S39 
OPPD started the Power Drive program in 1998, and Wayne High School joined the program in 2001.

During the 2004-2005 academic year Wayne completed car S39.

This car was a teardrop shape designed for aerodynamics. Many lessons were learned from this original S39, influencing future car development.

 2005-2006 S39

2005-2006 Car S39
The following year Wayne decided to build a completely new car.  The new S39 was designed to be lighter and more aerodynamic.

In 2006, at the Columbus race, Wayne High School earned its first trophy.  It was a third place finish in endurance.

From here the success of the program began to grow.

 2006-2007 A39 2006-2007 Car A39
Major changes to car 39 took place during the 2006-2007 school year.  These changes included brakes, steering, canopy, as well as a new coat of blue paint.

This race season car 39 changed classes to race in the Advanced class. This year also brought in a new group of young students eager to learn about electric vehicle racing.

Car A39 received three trophies this season.  Wayne High also set a track record at their home town race in 2007.

 2007-2008 A39 2007-2008 A39
Steering and braking changes took place during this race season to keep the 39 car in Advanced class.

Wayne High developed a new spindle design this year which became their standard due to its durability and reliability.

Car A39 received three awards again this season. In 2008, they set another track record this time at Hastings.

 2007-2008 S22 2007-2008 S22
Wayne High School Power Drive program grew significantly this year.  The program had many new students, which allowed Wayne to have a two car program.  This year the S22 was designed and developed.

This new car was innovative by implementing a four wheel design.  The S22's design and size brought excitement to the race season.

Wayne High received a 3rd place finish in Hastings.

 2008-2009 E39 2008-2009 E39
Major changes took place with the E39 car this season.  These changes included lowering and lengthening the frame. 

E39, also known as the Duct Tape Bandit, may not have been the prettiest car however it was one of the fastest. 

Car E39 received a 3rd place finish in Kearney.

 2008-2009 A22 2008-2009 A22
Former S22 moved to Advanced class.  With this move brought changes in the braking, steering, and electrical systems.

Discoveries in rolling resistance improved the performance of the A22 and "Woke it up". 

Car A22 won eight awards this season.  Some of these awards included Maneuverability wins at Kearney and State, and also led to Wayne High receiving the award for Best Driving Team at State.

 2008-2009 S107 2008-2009 S107
This embarks the year that the S107 was born.    The S107 proved to be the best car that Wayne had built this far.

Wayne received five awards this season; including two race wins.  The S107 won 1st place at the State Endurance race leading the field by 2.8 miles.

In overall point totals S107 was the Runner-up State Champion.

 2009-2010 A22 2009-2010 A22
In its second and final year in the Advanced class, car A22 received an extensive rebuild.  The frame and roll cage was lengthened and lowered.  

A new paint scheme was introduced as well renaming the A22 to the .22 cal.

All of this hard work paid off during the race season.  Car A22 received six awards during the season, proving that although it may not be conventional, it is fast.

 2009-2010 A107 2009-2010 A107
Moving to the Advanced class this year created changes in the braking, electrical, and steering systems.

Wayne continued to learn about car A107.  Through modifications WHS improved the car making it more dominant.

Car A107 received ten awards this season including three race wins (one at State), 1st place Overall at Kearney, and Runner-up State Champion.  Car A107 allowed Wayne High to receive the Best Driving Team award at state.

 E22 2010-2011 2010-2011 E22
In its fourth season car 22 moved to the Exhibition 
class.  Along with the move, a new paint scheme was created.

Body repair and general maintenance were completed to prepare for the race season.

Car E22 received three 3rd place finishes and one 2nd place finish during the 2010-2011 schedule. 

 2010-2011 S39 2010-2011 S39                           
This season brought life to the third version of the 39 car.  Many lessons learned from past vehicles were discussed in the design of his new vehicle.

Moving away from the norm, S39 is narrower than most cars and has enclosed front wheels.  Increased aerodynamics was the main purpose of the body design.

Car S39 received nine awards this season including two race wins (one at State), and 1st place Overall at Hastings.  It also received Overall Standard Class State Champion, providing Wayne High its first Power Drive Championship.

 A107 2010-2011 2010-2011 A107
In its second year in Advanced class, car A107 received steering and aerodynamic modifications.
With a new set of drivers, A107 continued to be a strong reliable car during the 2010-2011 season.  It was usually seen towards the front of the field.

Car A107 received five awards this season.  For the third consecutive year car 107 received Overall Advanced Class Runner-up State Champion.

2011-2012 A39  2011-2012 A39
In its first year in Advanced class, car A39 received braking, electrical, and aerodynamic modifications.
With a rookie set of drivers, A39 picked up where it left off in 2011, leading many laps throughout the season. 

Car A39 received 11 awards this season, including 5 rally wins (one at State), 2 Best Pit Crew Awards, and Advanced Class Overall State Champion.

2011-2012 E107  2011-2012 E107
Progressing to Exhibition class, car E107 received steering, electrical and body modifications.

With an experienced driver, E107 proved once again that it was tough to compete against.

Car E107 received four awards this season. 

 2012-2013 A39 2012-2013 A39
In its second year in Advanced class, car A39 received braking, steering, front canopy, and driver communication updates. 

With State Champion drivers at the controls, A39 was once again at the front of the field throughout the season.

Car A39 received 9 awards this season, including 3 rally wins (one at State), and Advanced Class Overall State Champion.  In the quest for the third straight Championship, car A39 set new track records at Hastings and West Point.

2012-2013 107  2012-2013 S107
The second version of the 107 car was created this season, taking design cues from previous vehicles along with brand new ideas. 

S107 battled through mechanical problems that kept it from the front of the field.  Hard work in the pits kept the S107 on the track.

Car S107 received one award this season,
3rd place in Documentation.

0405 OPPD - 0636.jpg  2013-2014 S22
The S22 was a new design for Wayne, with reversing the wheel setup of the car.  One wheel in the front steered the car while the rear wheels provided the propulsion.

New drive train, body material, and wheels gave us plenty to learn about throughout the year.

Car S22 received two rally awards this season,
along with 2nd place in Documentation and 5th Overall at the championships.

 0405 OPPD - 0059.jpg 2013-2014 A107
Car A107 received front wheel, front brake, and electrical upgrades over the off season in it's transition to Advanced class.

A107 battled tough competitors all season long while being seen in the front of the field.

Car A107 received four rally awards this season including two rally wins.  It was also awarded 1st place in Design, 2nd place in Documentation, and Best Pit Crew at the championships.

0503 OPPD - 0976.jpg  2013-2014 E39
Moving to Exhibition class this year the E39 car was driven by seniors with two years of driving experience.  Minor changes were made to the car over the off season.

E39 dominated the Exhibition class this year leading every lap in competition on it quest to a perfect season.

Car E39 received first place at all five rallies this year.  The championships rally was the 15th win for the 39 car along with the fourth championship rally win in a row.

107 2015.jpg  2014-2015 A107
Car A107 went through another round of front wheel and brake modifications this year.  A redundant electrical system was also installed.

Car A107 received three rally awards this season including two rally wins.  It was also awarded 1st place in Maneuverability, 2nd place in Documentation, 2nd place in Design, and 3rd place Overall at the championships.

39 2015.JPG  2014-2015 E39
In its second year in Exhibition class the E39 car was driven by two third year Power Drive members.  Minor changes were made to the car over the off season.

E39 led the field most of the year, receiving 3 first places, along with the fifth championship rally win in a row.

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